Capflow, a partner up to your ambitions

  • Expand your reach with new offers

  • Increase your offer in order to better respond to your customers’ requests

  • Gain speed in the preparation of your commercial offers

Why become a partner ?

Capflow offers its partners complete and tailoir-made training to help you carry out your projects.

  • Better advise and inform your customers: personalized technical and commercial training, digital webshop

  • Access all technical and commercial information: personnalized portal for managing your projects, library of technical and commercial documents

  • Sales support: we help you build you offers / projects

  • Technical support : we answer all your questions before, during and after the realizaton of your projetcs

  • Maintenance : our servers help you monitor all the installed equipement

What are the advantages ?

Your offer is more complete

You have the skills and knowledge to best advise your customers in order to lead to sales.

You broaden your field of action

In addition to expanding your product line, you can also reach new customers.

Your customers are satisfied

You offer your customers a quality product and service, thus meeting their needs.

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