FlexiGuard: the intelligent surveillance solution

The ideal complement to your access control

  • Simple and intuitive use

A few clicks allow you to customize Flexiguard-NVR via a web interface.

  • Recording on external alert

In addition to motion detection, Flexiguard-NVR can start and stop recording on the basis of an external sensor (switch, vehicle at the barrier, motion detector, cash register operation) to better target the relevant moments to be recorded.

  • Notification of alerts and events

Flexiguard generates and sends structured alert messages via e-mail, SMS or directly on the dedicated smartphone application.

  • Video streaming

One or more web or smartphone monitoring applications can connect to Flexiguard-NVR and view the acquired images in real time.

  • Simultaneous recording, viewing and exporting

Quick visualization via the web or smartphone interface is available at any time, whatever the activity of Flexiguard-NVR

  • Modular architecture for rapid adaptation to specific needs

Flexiguard can be adapted to your specific needs. Its integration into global monitoring systems is made easier by its modularity.

  • Unified control interface for a heterogeneous fleet of cameras and dome cameras

Flexiguard-NVR offers the possibility of connecting and controlling a wide variety of cameras via the Flexiguard operator interfaces or via external systems.

  • Remote administration and configuration via web interface

The control panel is accessible via internet and intranet without any installation.

Simple and efficient

In addition to accessibility by intranet and internet, the web configuration interface avoids the installation of software on the host machine. It allows rapid viewing of all cameras on Windows, Linux, Mac or smartphone.

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