VisioFlex: the tailor-made solution for industry

Quality control in production:

Integration of solutions based on industrial vision:

– Raw materials (particle size, absence of material)

– Manufacturing (precision measurements, shape analysis, colorimetry)

– Industrial security (machine protection, virtual barriers)

– Packaging (printing, labeling, positioning)

Customised solutions & integrations

For 25 years, we have accumulated a great technical experience allowing us to help you in:

– the judicious technological choices that best meet your expectations

– the appropriate use of the technological choices considered

Capflow also has a proven subcontracting network with which we collaborate regularly.

Capflow coordinates the integration of the proposed solutions with any subcontractors within your installations. A single point of contact, a more reliable dialogue.

Some completed projects

Label analysis

– Detection of ink overflows

– Verification of alignments

– Detection of bonding defects

Integration: limited space on the chain. Compensation by an off-center viewing angle.

Precision measurements on small objects

– Measurement of dimensions, angles

– Detection of excess material by contour analysis

Integration: insertion on a production automaton, cohabitation with another vision system

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